Painting Workshop Materials List - Feel free to email me with any questions.

  • Sketch pad – 14” X 17” – I use Strathmore drawing medium 400 series.

  • Metric see-through ruler – make sure you can see millimeters.

  • #2 and #6  pencils

  • Vine charcoal

  • Kneaded soft eraser

  • Aquanet hairspray

  • Paper towels/rags

  • Two (2) stretched canvases -16” X 20”

Hold the canvas up to the light. If you see pinholes of light coming through, buy a different brand. I like Masterpiece Vincent – Portrait Smooth –often must be ordered online from Masterpiece.

  • Palette Paper  at least 11” X 14”

  • Painting cup with cover

  • Silicoil  Brush Cleaning Tank – glass jar with metal spring that will hold Gamsol solvent for thinning paint and cleaning brushes (do not buy the Silicoil solvent).

  • Acrylics – we will use acrylics only to tone the canvas – I use a mix of raw sienna and black.

  • Oil Paint Colors – titanium white, naples yellow, ochre yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarine, Burnt umber, raw sienna, raw umber, black ivory, venetian red, Indian yellow, Cadmium Orange and Veridian Green – I like to use Gamblin, Vasari, Rembrandt, Old Holland

(Do not buy student grade oil colors – they are low on pigment and can be frustrating with which to paint.)

  • Brushes - #2, #4, #6 – I like filberts – you might want a mix with some flat and round– try some synthetic and natural hair brushes. If you are just starting, buy a small collection be sure to include a few small detail brushes and expand as you discover your preferences – each artist has their own set of likes and dislikes.

  • Rosemary Brushes – are wonderful brushes – you can get them online – they are very reasonably priced – I like their Ivories

  • Brush Cleaner – Jack Richeson - Linseed oil studio soap

  • Galkyd  Slow Dry – Buy the smallest size – it dries out.

  • Gamsol – Or other odorless mineral spirits (not turpentine).

  • French Easel – (If traveling from out of state, I can provide you with an easel.)