Painting Workshop Materials List - feel free to email me with any questions

Sketch pad – 14” X 17” – I use Strathmore drawing medium 400 series

Metric see thru ruler –– make sure you can see millimeters

 #2 and #6  pencils

 Vine charcoal

 Kneaded soft eraser

 Aquanet hairspray

 Paper towels/rags


2 – stretched canvases -16” X 20”

hold the canvas up to the light if you see pinholes of light coming thru buy a different brand – I like Masterpiece Vincent – Portrait Smooth –often must be ordered online from Masterpiece


Palette Paper  at least 11” X 14”

painting cup with cover


Silicoil  Brush Cleaning Tank- glass jar with metal spring that will hold Gamsol solvent for thinning paint and cleaning brushes (do not buy the Silicoil solvent)


Acrylics – we will use acrylics only to tone the canvas – I use a mix of raw sienna and black


Oil Paint Colors – titanium white, naples yellow, ochre yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarine, Burnt umber, raw sienna, raw umber, black ivory, venetian red, Indian yellow, Cadmium Orange and Veridian Green

(Do not buy student grade oil colors – they are low on pigment and can be frustrating to paint with)

I like use Gamblin, Vasari, Rembrandt, Old Holland


Brushes - #2, #4, #6, – I like filberts – you might want a mix with some flat,  and  round– try some synthetic and natural hair brushes -  if you are just starting buy a small collection be sure to include a few small detail brushes and expand as you discover your preferences – each artist has their own set of likes and dislikes

Rosemary Brushes – are wonderful brushes – you can get them online – they are very reasonably priced – I like their Ivories


Brush cleaner – Jack Richeson - Linseed oil studio soap

Galkyd  Slow Dry – buy the smallest size – it dries out

Gamsol – or other odorless mineral spirits (not turpentine)

French easel (if traveling from out of state - I can provide you with an easel)